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How To Find Your Poker Coach

How to find a poker coach:

With the rise of online poker, the poker coaching industry has also taken off. Prior to the internet, hiring a poker coach often involved being physically present with a pro, sweating long live sessions, taking notes, and discussing the session and strategy after the fact. It was a huge inconvenience and a huge time commitment, and who knew how effective it would be, or if you could even trust that your coach was actually a real and significant winner at the game. With the advent of online poker, many of these barriers were blown away, making convenient and effective poker coaching a real possibility. The internet allows people to connect from all across the globe in real time, video chat, and even screen share, making the entire world your market for choosing a coach. In addition, online poker is much faster than live, and combined with multi-tabling and statistic tracking software, makes it possible to view exponentially more hands with your coach. But possibly the most significant advantage is that tracking software programs allow you to ascertain if a potential coach truly is a winner, at what game and what stake level, and at which networks. While these are not fool-proof, of course, they are more reliable than just taking someone’s word for it!