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Coolers in Poker – An Alternative View

If you have ever searched ‘cooler poker definition’ you’ll find varying examples, but simply when 2 players have very strong hands that cannot be folded, you have yourself a cooler situation. A simple example being AA vs KK or 88 vs 55 on 852 board. They happen to everyone of course and players generally pay far too much attention to them. That’s not to say dealing with coolers is easy, especially when in the midst of a downswing. But that’s not what I want to talk about in this article. I want to show you when a cooler is not a cooler, how they contribute to poker leaks, and why many players use the term as an excuse for bad plays…


Poker Rake Calculator – How much are you paying?

We all know the house takes a lot of our winnings in the form of rake, but just how much? You may not actually realise this, but in many players cases it will be MORE than you’ve actually won! Rake is calculated at the same rate on most sites (5% of the pot, capped at $3), however many poker sites including PokerStars have begun to raise the rake AND reduce player benefits! Now it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re maximising your poker player earnings by playing at the right site, games and limits.


Relative Position In Poker

You may have heard the poker term ‘relative position’ being banded around, but it’s not a well documented subject. Let’s change that! We all know about the powers of playing with initiative in position with clear cbet success rates and the perils of playing out of position especially when defending the blinds. But always considering how your relative position affects the hand can really help you take advantage of some common poker leaks in your opponents.


Getting Value In Poker

When we think of getting value in poker most players would assume this is through betting for value. But if we are really thinking through our opponents hand ranges we’d realize there could be some alternative lines that would gain us maximum value rather than just value. Let’s look at some situations where playing creative poker can yield us a significant increase in winrate. 


Poker Business Plan – Planning For Success!

When you are playing poker professionally, you soon come to realize that your chips are no longer simple Dollars or Euros; they are the tools of your trade. You learn to use those tools as weapons for your poker war. And let’s face it, poker is essentially war, metaphorically speaking. We have meta game, history and image traits to contend with, not to mention the increased mental demands of a poker professional. So poker bankroll building as your own boss means you can’t afford to turn up at the tables distracted and ill-disciplined, after all you call the shots: playing times, bankroll risks and game selection have all become more important than ever now. It’s all about self-management and having a well laid out poker business plan. What’s yours?


Playing Poker Professionally

Playing poker professionally is one of the most rewarding careers you could possibly have, it is also a damn grind! Last time we discussed Poker Bankroll Building by taking shots. But playing poker as a full-time poker professional is a step every player who has survived this game long enough has at least considered. It’s a very tough decision that many don’t think thorough thoroughly. Just having a ‘good winrate’ will likely only get you so far. There’s so much more that goes into the life of a professional poker player. We have to think about time management, poker finances and motivation to name but a few. So if you’re a player that’s at this crossroad, you‘ll want to read on. Let’s take a look at some of the pitfalls that have grounded many aspiring professional poker player…


Poker Bankroll Building – taking shots

Whether you’re a small stakes player looking to move up stakes quickly, or you’re someone with a good winrate looking to take the leap into full time; maybe you’re a seasoned pro looking to build up your poker business, exercising proper poker bankroll management will often determine if you succeed or fail in your objective and even career. There are no ‘industry standard’ methods of maintaining and building bankrolls, so in the next 3 articles I will go through different challenges each player will face, the steps they should take and ones they shouldn’t. Pay attention now, there’s a freebie at the end…


Poker Math Book Interview

Poker Math can be a daunting prospect. Besides the basic pot odds, we have Poker probabilty, combinatorics, implied odds and of course EV calculations. The sheer complexity of it all has hindered many a player’s progress and remains to do so despite the breadth of information out there. Luckily, the team at thepokercapitalist have found a solution: Expected Value Calculations – The book, the author, the Interview.

You may have noticed a ‘poker reference book’ section on our resources page. You may also have noticed an alarmingly cheap ebook for sale on there too. Well, we got hold of the author and demanded he tell us what it’s all about…


Poker Motivation – How To Keep The Fire Alive

It’s very easy to lose poker motivation playing this game. Distractions, tiredness and running bad to name but a few obstacles. You know you have to get the hands in… but you just don’t want to. Your lack of poker motivation to grind often feeds into procrastination which in turn leads to other problems like stress, anxiety and subsequently… failure. At the heart of this problem is often poor goal setting, stopping you from not only reaching your poker goals, but reaching your potential too.

It’s a serious problem, so let’s delve into the elements of poker motivation, the problems we face as players and some goal setting solutions to those issues.


Bluffing Fish

Are we bluffing fish? We were taught many moons ago to never bluff fishy players. Also known as calling stations, recreationals, casual players and the rather unaffectionate term ‘Donkey’.  

Contrary to belief Fish can be bluffed. The old adage “bluffing fish is pointless” is a very generic and frankly out of date. Fish come in more varieties than regulars and just like those regulars, each one needs a slightly different approach. Some players of course can’t be bluffed, like maniacs, they just get valuetowned instead. But there some varieties that can be bluffed, you just have to be observant…


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