Jesus Seat In Poker – Snipe It!

The Jesus Seat as it has become known is one of the most important and underrated aspects of table selecting. One of the reasons most players struggle to win at poker is because they don’t understand some of the final details such as the importance of the Jesus Seat. Heck, there are probably a good number of players who don’t even know that the term means.

What Is The Jesus Seat

The Jesus Seat is the seat directly to the left of a weak opponent (“fish”) at a poker table. Where did the name “Jesus Seat” come from? It became known as this because “miracles” tend to happen when you are in the Jesus Seat. In this case miracles means your win-rate skyrockets, which is what most players want to see happen. Have you ever seen a player run it up from $100 to $1400 at a $.5/$1 table? Generally, that only occurs when a good player has the seat to the left of a weak player. Some people say that being classified as the Jesus Seat means you have to have nits on your left as well. I disagree, simply being to the left of a maniac is enough :).

5 Reasons Why The Jesus Seat Matters

Position, position, position. We all know the importance of position in poker, and when you have the Jesus Seat you will far more frequently find yourself in a positional advantage versus a weak opponent.

  1. 3-betting and isolating opportunities arise more frequently when you have this seat. Its easy to say position matters, but what does that really mean? In this case a good tangible example is that it gives you the opportunity to isolate 3-bet before anybody else can at the table. Opponents may start 4betting light, but that isn’t frequently seen except at the highest stake levels.
  2. Post-flop you are able to see the actions of the weak player before you need to act. This can help you to avoid some sticky situations that arise when maniacs are at the table and pushing pots.
  3. You won’t get 3-bet every time that you raise. Maniacs often have very high 3-bet percentages, which makes it difficult to play hands cheaply pre flop. Seeing them act before you decide whether to open or not is a major advantage.
  4. Your Winrate will rise the more frequently you have the Jesus Seat. If winning I the ultimate goal then the jesus seat is a real thing….

Is Sniping The Jesus Seat Ethical?

Why not? Assuming that you are adhering to the terms & conditions of the website it seems just fine. If you are always jumping to the left of a weak player and they are annoyed by it then you should probably stop. However, table & seat selection are both a big part of online poker and if you want to win then you need to accept the reality that is. Poker is a brutally difficult game to win at and if you are going to stand a chance you’ll need to take advantage of almost every edge that is within the rules.

How To Get The Jesus Seat

Seating scripts are programmable to identify and snag the jesus seat. Seating scripts are becoming increasingly popular, and I recently did a pretty good product review on one, Need-4-Seat. This is the only product review I have on my website at the moment and I did so reluctantly because of the importance of this software for serious poker players.

  1. Table Camping & hopping. Opening a large number of tables and then hopping to the Jesus Seat when given a chance can be a highly effective strategy. However, with seating scripts in today’s games you may be too slow as tables fill up in seconds now.
  2. Watching open tables and immediately snagging the seat to the left manually. Before seating scripts existed, watching open tables was high effective. In todays poker games this is less frequently seen.
  3. Click, click, click when a player is sitting out and appears to be leaving in the Jesus Seat. This is a real thing and can be a highly effective strategy. If you have a seating script you won’t need to do this.

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