Twitch Poker Review

My Twitch poker review is a resounding thumbs down. So, I tuned into the PCA 2016 Twitch Poker feed and they had a pretty solid 6,500 viewers or so – it was terrible! Why? The cameras are good, they provide a good announcer (Jason Sommerville), but they were missing something even more important. Information…. Yes, there were no hole cards.

Why No Hole Cards On PCA 2016 Twitch Poker Feed? 

Apparently, some of the players feel it puts them at a disadvantage if their style of play is being streamed. Unfortunately, if the poker community ever wants to make their events fun to watch they are going to have to get over petty little concerns like this. Given the different styles of play in poker games, and based on unique table dynamics, I don’t believe showing hole cards would make that huge of a difference.

I have played in numerous major poker events and showing a few hole cards if you happen to get selected for the future table is a small price to play to help out the poker ecosystem a bit. Poker has been in steady decline now for about 10 years, and shit like this doesn’t help. It is a fun game, but when you just have a bunch of hooded and sun glass wearing dudes sitting around a poker table without even knowing what cards are being played, I can’t imagine who would want to see that….

Why Aren’t Cards Turned Over At Showdown At PCA 2016?

Again, it comes down to a few players who apparently don’t want to show their cards and give up “information”. Cmon guys, that is ridiculous. If you want to scoop up the pot then show down the cards, period! This is supposed to be an entertaining event and now we aren’t even showing down hole cards, lol. Imagine if some other sporting even didn’t show the conclusion. When a hand ends, the natural conclusion is that the hole cards get shown by the winner at least.  Arguably both should be showing hole cards after a hand. Sure, making someone who bluffed all their chips away show down their hand may not be the nicest thing to do so give them a pass if you want, but the winner needs to show!

Poker Instruction Twitch

Where Twitch can be pretty cool is when it comes to poker instruction. While my overall twitch poker review is negative, you can gain some valuable skills from watching a skilled player on a Twitch feed. Here is an example of what it looks like down below. Being able to see a skilled poker players hole cards for hours and hear their way of thinking about hands can be tremendously beneficial.


Poker Is Show Business

Poker should be fun and its a game that thrives when its entertaining for those who play. If the game wasn’t fun to play no regular would be able to play and make a dime. It is time that players realize when it comes to television perhaps they need to make the most minor of accommodations to help the game out just a little bit.


Overall Twitch Poker Review

With enough negative Twitch poker reviews hopefully they will consider creating a higher quality broadcast for poker fans. The idea is cool but the execution is poor and needs to improve.

Anyhow, that is just my 2 cents. Be sure to check out my book Exploitive No Limit Holdem if you haven’t already!

-ThePokerCapitailst (No nonsense, no ads, straight talk on poker)



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