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Poker Bluffing – It’s An Art Not Science

Poker bluffing is one of the most misunderstood parts of poker. Some players are obsessed with showdown value. You see this a lot with fish who give up on poker bluffing at just the wrong moment. For example, when they river 5th pair they decide now is the time to be conservative and just check. Weak players are not alone in making mistakes bluffing. In fact, many weak regs share similar behaviours with fish when it comes to bluffing. You’ll often see a weak reg checking back at just the wrong moment, or they give up on semi-bluffs because they Turned or Rivered something ‘showdownable’. Turning their ‘made hand’ into a bluff is unnecessary they say. These players fail to realize: It doesn’t matter if you have showdown value if your hand cannot win at showdown! Let’s run through a few scenarios where these situations tend to crop up.