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How To Find Your Poker Coach

How to find a poker coach:

With the rise of online poker, the poker coaching industry has also taken off. Prior to the internet, hiring a poker coach often involved being physically present with a pro, sweating long live sessions, taking notes, and discussing the session and strategy after the fact. It was a huge inconvenience and a huge time commitment, and who knew how effective it would be, or if you could even trust that your coach was actually a real and significant winner at the game. With the advent of online poker, many of these barriers were blown away, making convenient and effective poker coaching a real possibility. The internet allows people to connect from all across the globe in real time, video chat, and even screen share, making the entire world your market for choosing a coach. In addition, online poker is much faster than live, and combined with multi-tabling and statistic tracking software, makes it possible to view exponentially more hands with your coach. But possibly the most significant advantage is that tracking software programs allow you to ascertain if a potential coach truly is a winner, at what game and what stake level, and at which networks. While these are not fool-proof, of course, they are more reliable than just taking someone’s word for it!


HSBC Closing Poker Players Accounts

ThePokerCapitalist has some very disturbing news for the poker community, HSBC is “exiting” their poker clients. I’ve heard rumours of this in the poker community but only recently have I been able to obtain proof as well as more details surrounding the rationale. I was tipped off by a former professional poker player in Canada (who now plays infrequently), that HSBC no longer wanted his business because of his involvement in “the online gaming industry”. You’ll see further along in this article a redacted version of this information. This is a disturbing development for any and all poker players who have bank accounts with HSBC and leaves them at the whim of the bank. Furthermore, this is a disturbing development for any and all HSBC clients worldwide.


How To Make A Million Dollars Playing Poker

How does a player make a million dollars playing poker? Undoubtedly, it is tougher to do this today than it was ten years ago but its still achievable. The biggest difference today is the level of refinement required to make serious money at poker tables today. Previously a fairly basic strategy was good enough, but today’s poker games present a much more significant challenge.

There aren’t that many online poker players with over a million dollars in earnings but I have spoken with a few over the years and here are the insights gained.


How To Quit Playing Poker

Figuring out how to quit playing poker can be a difficult challenge for many poker players – both casual and serious. This is a topic that has interested me for some time. I wrote previously about when to quit playing poker but I never tackled the how…. Before we dig into how to exit the game its important to understand why we entered it :). (more…)

Bluffing Style – Developing Your Unique Approach

Developing your own bluffing style is an important part of becoming a sophisticated tight aggressive poker player. If you know ten high quality poker players you probably know 10 different bluffing styles. It’s important that you develop a bluffing style that works well for your game and is uniquely tailored to your personality and playing style.


Libratus Poker Bot AI – Slaughtering Humans

Libratus poker bot isn’t just beating humans its crushing the best humans. This new and improved poker bot takes advantage of a number of improvements over previous generous bots. Libratus poker bot is now able to take into account the card removal effect when bluffing. Many of you probably don’t even know what the card removal effect is :). This is simply taking into account the altered probabilities that result from knowing your hole cards. Apparently, Libratus poker bot is able to implement a wide range of varied pre-flop and post-flop strategies that were previously associated only with sophisticated regulars.


Jesus Seat In Poker – Snipe It!

The Jesus Seat as it has become known is one of the most important and underrated aspects of table selecting. One of the reasons most players struggle to win at poker is because they don’t understand some of the final details such as the importance of the Jesus Seat. Heck, there are probably a good number of players who don’t even know that the term means.


Table Camping In Poker

There are multiple forms of table camping that occur in todays online poker games, and in some cases it is making it challenging to find a table to play at. At times I will see dozens of tables open at high stakes with players simply camped out waiting for a fish. One of the most classic cases of high stakes players opening dozens of tables is when the legendary “Scout326” makes an appearance at PokerStars. That guy has fed the high stakes games at PokerStars for years and literally lost millions. Over time, the strategy has increasingly become known as a common and effective strategy for finding weak players across multiple networks. Years ago when table selection was much less of an issue table camping was almost non-existent. Today, it is prevalent at all games across almost all stake levels.


Quitting PokerStars – Is It The Right Decision For You?!

Telling people that quitting PokerStars was the best poker decision I ever made may surprise some people. After all, they are the world leaders in online people. Lets take a look at some of the pro’s and con’s of the various websites available.

PokerStars Is The Hardest Website To Win On

This has been the case for at least a decade. The caliber of play on PokerStars is higher than on any other website that I have every played on. I say this having played well over 1 million hands of online poker in my life on a wide variety of different websites. Given the importance of table selecting in poker, quitting PokerStars makes sense.   (more…)

The 6bet In Poker – Gotta Love It!

The 6bet is one of the most underated moves in deep stacked poker (both cash and tournament). For players who aggressively use the 4bet they will find some players begin to pick up on this. In particular, if you have some kind of a history with a player the 6bet can be a valuable move. Of course, it is also a costly move when it doesn’t work out ;). I have found the play to be highly valuable if you pick your places carefully!


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