Interview With Jared Tendler

A couple of weeks ago Jared Tendler invited me to his show and we discussed a wide range of issues surrounding poker and the mental game. You can check out the podcast on his website here.  The interview is laid back and conversational. I enjoyed getting the chance to talk with Jared and get to know him a little bit better.

For those of you who don’t know Jared he is the premier expert in the mental game of poker. He is well known and respected in the poker industry and has worked individually with a large number of top players. While I haven’t worked with him personally (on my mental game) I am close with people who have and the feedback has been very positive. I highly recommend picking up a copy of either or both of his books called The Mental Game of Poker 1&2.

The mental game is something that I also discuss in my book Exploitive No Limit Holdem. It is an important topic for all players and an area where almost everyone has room for improvement. Learning the fundamentals of how to construct ranges and play good poker is just one step toward being a winner. Having solid money management skills in conjunction with a solid mental game is also critical. Only players that are able to combine all of these skills will find long term success in the game.

One of my favorite topics of discussion is the All-in EV line that some poker players find incredibly tilting and others love. Most poker software tools offer the All-in EV line which is supposed to tell you what your Expected Value is versus money won. I love this line and find it to be a very useful tool for poker players, you’ll find out why in the podcast.

Enjoy the podcast!


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