Poker Vacation Kauai

It has been a little while since I updated my blog because I have been on vacation! Everybody needs a poker vacation from time to time, and Hawaii is my favorite place to go in the winter. The island of Kauai is absolutely amazing and the temperature was 75-80 degrees the entire time. So I stayed close to the Poipu beach area with my wife and a couple of very good friends. One of my good friends has a cool website on fashion in case you are interested.

Our accommodation was about a 3 min walk to this beautiful beach




There is also incredible boogie boarding just a hundred yards or so from where I took this picture. As you can see not a bad spot to take a poker vacation 🙂

So what should you do while on a poker vacation? In no particular order here are some of the activities I did while in Kauai

1) Golf

There is a really cool public golf course called Kukuiolono Park & Golf Course which features a solid little 9 hole golf course for only $9. They don’t have a website but you can read about them on trip advisor if you are interested. It really is great value for the money though and unless you are a super picky golf fan this is a great place for you!

2) Hiking

Through out Kauai there are a ton of great trails to take. One hike that I went on while in Kauai was the Kuilau Ridge TrailThis trail was not terribly challenging but had some breathtaking views. Here is a picture from the hike.



3) Beach

Tons of great beaches to hit up while you are on your poker vacation. I spent most of my time at beaches in the Poipu area. There is a good one right by the Hyatt that is also the gateway for a hike through the lithified

4) Kayaking

There is a pretty cool waterfall that you can Kayak to while in Kauai. You can read about it here. This is just one company that had pretty good reviews on trip advisor. If I was doing it over again i would just do a self guided tour because it allows you more flexibility in terms of how fast you want to go.

5) Nightlife

This is definitely a quieter vacation spot than other islands in Hawaii like Maui. If you are looking to really party it up this may not be the place for you!

6) Food

Naturally, I also ate while I was on vacation. Unfortunately, the food in Kauai is not incredible. There is nothing wrong with it, but it just isn’t at the level of nice restaurants in Vegas, NYC, San Fran, or other major cities.

The bottom line is I would definitely recommend going to Kauai if you are looking for a beautiful island to take a poker vacation to. Hope you enjoyed the post and be sure to follow me on twitter if you don’t already!




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  1. Keily says:

    Thanks for the shout out 😉 I loved spending time with you guys and I miss Hawaii SO much!


  2. thepokercapitalist says:

    Thanks Keily! It was a blast

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