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Poker Book Sales

Writing, Publishing, and Selling Poker Books

I started writing Exploitive NLHE: An Experts Insight on How to become a Winning Poker Player in the fall of 2012. The process has been simultaneously incredibly rewarding and frustrating. I decided to write Exploitive NLHE because I enjoy the process of teaching and sharing with others, and I feel that many can benefit from my extensive poker experience. Writing the book was fun, but explaining the complexities of poker in words was significantly more challenging than I had anticipated. Now that I am done, I can happily say that the final product turned out significantly better than I anticipated, and I hope that my readers will enjoy reading it. There is a ton of great material in this book for online and live players who are striving to deepen their understanding of NLHE. For those of you who are wondering what it was like to write, edit, and publish a poker book, I am sharing my insights below.