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If you read my HUD configuration from last time, you’ll see where I’m headed with this Pop up configuration article. The HUD Popup comes into play with larger samples and is fully customizable. That’s why I have a custom pop-up for every stat in my HUD. You might be asking at this point: ‘If your HUD is so full of key data why do you need a pop-up?’

When you begin to get several thousand hands on your opponents you will likely (if you are paying attention) dig a little deeper into their game and consult positional tendencies. Even if you currently use your Holdem Manager 2 pop ups or Poker Tracker 4 pop ups, I would guess you don’t utilize them as much as you could. Let’s look at some common situations and see how they can evolve:

Ex1: BB vs SB

It’s folded to Hero in the SB. We see our villain in the BB only 3bets around 6% overall which is good news for us stealing here. He also folds vs a small blind steal when in the big blind 68% of the time, which is pretty much good for an ‘any-two cards’ scenario (risking 2.5bb more to win the 1.5 pot: (x/x+y )2.5/4 = 62.5%).

So we try to steal with A♦7♦… he 3bets us… you might convince yourself that ‘everyone’s’ wider here so he’s likely higher than a 6% 3bet… but it’s a foolish assumption.

This pop-up appears when I click on my ‘BB fold vs steal’ stat.

Blog Pic #1

I have 11k on this particular chap and as we can see here in the popup, he only 3bets ‘in this situation’ 4% and vs me here only 3%! We don’t’ have a sample for ‘BB fold vs SB 4bet’ here, but if we did it would be low given this guy’s ultra-tight 3b range here. So forget throwing in a 4bet here with your Ace blocker!

In comparison my 3b% is 9% overall, and I 3b there when I’m in the BB facing a SB steal around 15%. Everyone’s different and you need to adjust assuming decent samples.  This is why it’s crazy to generalize if you have the information at hand.

Ex2: Vs 3bet

The pop-up I probably use the most is my 3b pop-up. After 2k or so hands on your opponents a lot of positional 3bet stats will start to converge.

It folds to Hero in the CO. We open with K♣T♦ and again we are 3bet, this time from the BTN whom we have 3.8k of hands on. We see our opponent 3bets 5% and are considering just mucking our hand right now. Calling here OOP without a substantial read is likely a losing proposition as we’ll likely end up dominated by AK, AT, KQ etc. So we consult our custom made pop-up for more info.

This pop-up appears when I click on my ‘3bet’ stat.


As we can see, his 3bet% from the Button is 8% but more importantly his BTN vs the CO is 10%! That’s twice as much as we were led to believe. This guy is somewhat abusing the button specifically vs the cut off and we are going to punish him for it. A 4bet here with our K and T blockers should be considered and may be the best option. If you had not had this info you may have just folded and moved on. Every little piece of info helps.

Ex 3: Villains Hero Stats

When we have several thousand hands on our opponents they naturally have the same amount on us too. This is why I like to consult my Villains Hero Stats for close decisions. That is; what your opponent see’s in HIS HUD about Hero.

We see a good regular in the CO continually Iso-raise an UTG limper and we have Q♠9♥ in the SB. Now we can’t call here, but can we 3bet re-steal? This might be an ok spot for a substantial 3bet anyway, but by seeing what this opponent knows about Hero can help in tie-breaker situations.

This pop-up appears when I click on ‘Villains name’.


We can see here, for whatever reason, our opponent has only seen Hero 3bet 4%. Assuming the limper is not limp-calling big bets and gameflow conditions are good (i.e. we’ve been quiet), this 3bet is looking delicious and should get a ton of credit. Again we’re just looking at the bigger picture to make better decisions.

So as you can see, by customizing all pop ups to each individual stat we can make quick, more informed decisions. As long as you don’t put too much weight and small samples you will definitely benefit from this kind of set-up. If you need any help customizing your HUD just leave a comment, I’d be more than happy to help.


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