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4betting light – be fearless

4betting light is almost the new 3betting light… everyone it seems is doing it. That doesn’t mean you should treat everyone the same however. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know I advocate tailoring all your bets specifically vs each opponent. Your 4bet hand selection, 4bet sizing, 4bet frequency, Cold 4 bets and game dynamics, are all things to consider.

Let’s address those individually (though they often tie into each other).

Hand Selection: By using ‘blockers’ like Qx, Kx and Ax we heavily reduce the hands that are available in the deck for our opponent to 5bet shove over our 4bet for value. When we have A♦2♦ instead of T♠9♠ the chances of them having a big hand are reduced by 20-25% therefore making a 4bet bluff even more enticing.